My research is at the intersection of moral psychology, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy.  I also have an interest in bioethics.

My book Hope under Oppression is forthcoming in Oxford University Press. The book explores the nature and value of hope under conditions of oppression. It also highlights the relationship between hope, trust, anger, bitterness, and faith, and develops an account of collective hope in solidarity movements.

I have some other works in progress: a paper that attempts to make sense of situations in which agents find themselves incapacitated and unable to act against injustice, a few papers co-authored with Michael Milona on emotions, a paper on despair, and a book chapter on collective forgiveness for the Routledge Handbook of Forgiveness, ed. Robert Enright and Glen Pettigrove.

You can find a recent article on hope and climate change I co-authored with Michael Milona for Aeon here.

Please feel free to email me at katiestockdale at uvic.ca if you have any questions about my research.


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Advanced Topics in Philosophy: Hope & Despair