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My research is at the intersection of moral psychology, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. My book Hope Under Oppression (Oxford University Press, 2021) offers an account of the nature and value of hope, the relationship between hope and anger in conditions of oppression, and the role of hope and faith in collective solidarity movements.

More recently, I have been developing an account of 'affective injustice' to help make sense of why so many people seem to be struggling emotionally in our modern world. I am in the early stages of a project that explores the implications of affective injustice for our social practices of responsibility. 

In 2022, I was recipient of the Faculty of Humanities Early Career Excellence in Research Award at the University of Victoria.


Teaching 2023-2024

Feminist Ethics (Fall 2023)

Death and Dying (Fall 2023; Spring 2024)

Philosophy and Feminism (Spring 2024)

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